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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Sweetest Moments - My Time with the Students

This photo was taken by Stanzin Deasal. One of my most favorite photographs of myself ever taken.

Spending some time with the kids who didn't get cameras on that particular day.

I became especially attached to Wangzes.

Wangzes liked to cuddle and play with my hair. Being blonde was quite the novelty in Ladakh.

The first Shey village girl I handed my camera to for a lesson (just a few days after my arrival into Ladakh).

Photograph taken by Thinles Namgyal.

This was the crew who volunteered to keep me warm and cozy while waiting to give out newly recharged batteries to the photographers du jour.

Looking at photographs.

The sweetest kids in the world.

The first and only time in my entire life when I have felt tall - I am 5' 4".

"Miss Julayne! I need more batteries!"

I see these photographs and remember just how happy I was in Shey village.

Pretty sure I was fixing a broken camera.

There I am with the rechargeable batteries - it turned out to be my most important role.  :)

Urgan Tsering was one of the first students to befriend me. The others were quite shy in the beginning.

Wangzes holding my hand.

Urgan Tsering loved hugs - but those Ladakhi boys have to appear tough!

This one is hilarious to me - I feel like some kind of superhero with rays shooting out of my eyeballs.

A sweet moment.

"Can you please fix?" In the beginning, when the batteries would die, the students would panic, thinking they had broken the camera.

My right hand man, Sonam Angchuk - his English skills were impeccable (his father is a tour guide). He did a lot of translation for me during instruction when no other adult helpers were around - In fact, his English was better than most all of the adults' I had met in Ladakh.

Helping Chosdon read her workbook questions.

Taking a group photo of the kids up at Naropa Palace while they all took photos of me.

Wangzes playing with my hair after school.

My Photos of the Students - March 12, 2010

No camera can capture the true beauty of these children's faces.

Some of the students sitting around my laptop watching a slideshow of their photographs.