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Saturday, January 26, 2013

"If I Could Do Anything, I Would..." Project: Jhalak School, Baruipur, India

The "If I Could Do Anything" project is largely selfish on my part. In many of the countries I visit, most of the children do not receive any kind of emphasis on their dreams, hopes and personal aspirations. Many of the children are already designated to a certain life, a certain future. I like to give these children a voice, for a moment, to say and explain (through art) what they dream of for their future. I get very literal answers (i.e. doctor, teacher, etc.) to very imaginative ones (i.e. a bird, a grown up, to play all the day, etc.). Asking this question is one of my favorite experiences with the children. Please click on a picture to view the larger version.

Photograph by Aparma Sardar

Photograph by Babusona Patra

Photograph by Babui Dalui

Photograph by Debakarmo Hish

Photograph by Jagadish Pandit

Photograph by Ashima Pandit

Photograph by Mantu Dalui

Photograph by Monika Patra

Photograph by Papiya Sardar

Photograph by Rajat Roy

Photograph by Rupali Roy

Photograph by Santana Sardar

Photograph by Rupsa Singh

Photograph by Shrahonti Patra

Photograph by Shrabawti Roy

Photograph by Subir Mondal

Photograph by Sumana Roy

Photograph by Sujan Dolui

The Best Part of Me Project: Jhalak School, Baruipur, India

"The Best Part of Me" project is one in which the children write about their favorite physical characteristic and explain why they chose that particular part of themselves. They are then asked to make a photograph, a visual representation, of their written explanation. This is a group activity and is meant to help bolster self-awareness, self-confidence and creativity. Please click on any singular image in order to see the larger version.

The Classroom Chalkboard

Photograph by Ashima Mondal

Photograph by Bashti Sahtra

Photograph by Ashima Pandit

Photograph by Biswajit Pramanick

Photograph by Bikram Sardar

Photograph by Devdas Sardar

Photograph by Lata Roy

Photograph by Jagadish Pandit

Photograph by Prahalad Sardar

Photograph by Samrita Roy

Photograph by Sneghagi Roy

Photograph by Subir Mondal

Photograph by Sujan Dolui

Photograph by Suman Sardar

Jhalak School Just Outside of Kolkata, in Baruipur, India

I spent about a week working at the Jhalak School (a before/after school extension program) in Baruipur, India in January. There were about 60 children divided into two one hour blocks. It was an amazing experience! The children were so energetic and creative! The first project we did was called "The Best Part of Me." Blog post to come...

A few of the students and the cameras.

Some more of the students posing for a Polaroid.