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Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Best Part of Me Project: Jhalak School, Baruipur, India

"The Best Part of Me" project is one in which the children write about their favorite physical characteristic and explain why they chose that particular part of themselves. They are then asked to make a photograph, a visual representation, of their written explanation. This is a group activity and is meant to help bolster self-awareness, self-confidence and creativity. Please click on any singular image in order to see the larger version.

The Classroom Chalkboard

Photograph by Ashima Mondal

Photograph by Bashti Sahtra

Photograph by Ashima Pandit

Photograph by Biswajit Pramanick

Photograph by Bikram Sardar

Photograph by Devdas Sardar

Photograph by Lata Roy

Photograph by Jagadish Pandit

Photograph by Prahalad Sardar

Photograph by Samrita Roy

Photograph by Sneghagi Roy

Photograph by Subir Mondal

Photograph by Sujan Dolui

Photograph by Suman Sardar

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